Night Rider

Tel aviv
January, 2018

It was a Friday night at Allenby street. Two women, dressed provocatively under big black coats go out for a photographed journey - blending and reacting to the drunk street by posing and communicating with its crowd. The male photographer is tied to them by the release cable that becomes a leash. At the same time, a woman cinematographer follows them from her car, filming every move.  

The planned vagrancy through its three engals (the women, the photographer, and the follower) draws a bleak yet dreamy like portrait of the unknown in the public space. Things are not what they seems to be, and the hidden will always overcome the reveled.

! ! M O V I E   C O M I N G   S O O N ! !

Photographer: Ariel Bernstein.
Cinematographer: Avigail Niv.
Driver: Mattan Kedem.

Stills from video: